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At Solve Travel we know that to travel well means more than just visiting .... it's about experiencing. It's about creatively designed itineraries and seamless journeys. It's about the little surprises; the intimate restaurant in Nice, the hidden gem of a hotel in New York, the little black book of shopping in Barcelona.


And it's the vibrant stories and rich memories that you bring home.


As well as having access to bespoke experiences throughout the world, we are proud to offer you our “Solve Series” concentrating on a collection of fascinating countries, individually designed to give you a truly authentic, meaningful journey. We partner with a wonderful selection of warm and hospitable professionals on the ground. Specialist destinations include Morocco, Tahiti, Hawaii and the Maldives to name just a few. If your interest lies in luxury escapes to magical islands or a family cycling holiday in Vietnam, Solve Travel has it covered.

Solve Travel works in partnership with Souk & Co. Through this partnership we have organised and hosted numerous authentic Moroccan trips. Great contacts on the ground and a genuinely inquisitive style have enabled us to build a valuable network of hoteliers, guides and artisans to collaborate with to bring this project together.  

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