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Our holiday centres around the beach and this being the Mediterranean nobody gets up too early. We roll out of bed around 9am, put on our bathers and walk straight to our nearest beach for a morning swim. It’s a sheltered bay and at this time there are not many people around. If we feel energetic we jump in the water from the cliffs and do some laps across the bay or we may leave our towels on the sand and have a more relaxing dip off the beach. By 10.30am the little Kafenio (coffee shop) is normally open and we can get our first refreshing frappé coffee of the day, it’s what everybody drinks in summer.

Back at the villa we’ll have breakfast and then go out for the day. We’ve explored many different beaches and while it’s possible to find deserted beaches in the Northern (Turkish) part we love the social beach life Cypriot style; being able to rent a sun bed and some shade and getting a snack at the Kafenio you’ll find at all beaches. We meet up with friends or Nick’s family and spend hours in the water chatting.

Before going out for dinner around 8pm we’ll have a Brandy Sour, the Cypriot national drink made with the local brandy. We are on a never-ending quest to find the best Sheftalia so most nights we’ll eat at a traditional taverna. If we’ve got any room left we might stop for some loukoumades on the way back to the villa or have a nightcap on the roof terrace contemplating the good life…

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