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"When a man is tired of London" said Samuel Johnson, "he is tired of life." And that was back in 1777 - there's even more to see and do these days! But sometimes, despite all of the tourist attractions, the visitor still wants to get away for a quick excursion to other parts of the UK.

45 minutes by express train from London's Kings Cross, Cambridge makes an ideal day trip. People have lived in the area since prehistory, and Cambridge has at various times been settled by the Romans, Saxons and Vikings

Some of the locals seem to be vegetarian nudists who prefer the outdoors and are not in too much of a hurry.

Meanwhile swans float idly along the River Cam that flows through Cambridge.

And a few ducks and people do too.

The area is packed with historic churches and museums. Kings College Chapel is perhaps the most famous building (they do charge admission to get inside).

Bicycles are everywhere, like a smaller Amsterdam. Locals, students, teachers and tourists on rented bikes all whizz around the roads and narrow side streets. It's the preferred method of transport for people of all ages.Cambridge's university dates back to the early 13th century and draws students from all over the world. Unlike universities in most other cities, the campus and the city are intertwined (the university owns a lot of the land). College buildings are side by side with residential apartments and shopping areas, farmer's markets, hotels and restaurants.What's more quintessentially British than afternoon tea? This restorative break allows time to discuss the day's burning issue - just what is the correct way to say the word "scone"?

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